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Good News | Genuine Biotech Ranked Among the "Top 30 Innovative Small-Molecule Pharmaceutical Enterprises in China" for the Third Time


Recently, the 2024 Misi Conference (China Medical and Health Industry Symbiosis Conference), organized by the industry's authoritative medical and health information platform MENET, was grandly held in Huzhou, Zhejiang, under the theme "Tenacity·Enlightenment of the New Stage". At the conference, the "2023 Top 100 Innovation List Series for Biopharmaceutical Enterprises in China" was officially released. Genuine Biotech once again made it to the "Top 30 Innovative Small-Molecule Pharmaceutical Enterprises in China", marking the third consecutive year since 2021 that the company has received this honor. This achievement highlights the industry's unwavering admiration for Genuine Biotech's innovative research and development capabilities.

The "2023 Top 100 Innovation List Series for Biopharmaceutical Enterprises in China" rankings are founded on the Ministry of Science and Technology's "Enterprise Innovation Capability Evaluation Indicator System". Tailored to the unique aspects of the biopharmaceutical sector, the evaluation framework is classified into four key dimensions: "innovation input," "innovation achievement," "intellectual property," and "innovation-driven," encompassing 11 distinct indicators. This holistic evaluation draws on enterprise annual reports, data from CDE reviews, third-party patent statistics and publicly available information to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the industry's leading innovators.

As a biopharmaceutical company driven by innovation, Genuine Biotech places paramount importance on "innovative research and development" as the cornerstone of the company’s growth. Numerous R&D projects have achieved remarkable progress: In the field of antiviral research, the new-generation oral long-acting anti-HIV candidate drug CL-197 is currently in Phase I clinical trials, with the potential to become the world's first all-oral, long-acting treatment for AIDS. In the field of oncology, significant progress has been made in the anti-tumor research of Azvudine. Animal experiments demonstrated that Azvudine not only selectively hinders tumor cell DNA synthesis with high levels but also effectively curtails the production of myeloid-derived suppressor cells. This dual action enhances the inherent anti-tumor capabilities of immune cells, thereby boosting the overall efficacy of cancer therapies. Animal experiments have also found that the combination of Azvudine and PD-1 inhibitors demonstrates significant advantages in the treatment of liver cancer and colorectal cancer, holding the potential to become the Best-in-Class treatment regimen. In the field of innovative drug discovery, several new medications with vast market potential for solid tumors have emerged, particularly the new-generation TOPO1 inhibitor. This innovative candidate drug is effective against irinotecan-resistant cases and is expected to offer a viable solution to the resistance issues associated with such chemotherapy drugs and their derived ADC therapies, addressing significant clinical needs.

Biopharma, a strategic emerging industry influencing national welfare, economic growth, and national security, is among the most vibrant realms of high technology and a crucial area for accelerating the formation of new quality productive forces. Looking to the future, Genuine Biotech will remain committed to pursuing innovation-driven research, attracting global talent, advancing core technological breakthroughs, and expediting drug development, with the aim to rapidly evolve into a globally competitive biopharmaceutical leader!

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