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Good News | Genuine Biotech Once Again Ranked Among the "Top 30 Innovative Small-Molecule Pharmaceutical Enterprises in China"


Recently, the "MENET-China Biomedical Innovation Achievement Exchange" innovative drug ecological cooperation forum and the "2022 Top 100 Innovation List Series for Biopharmaceutical Enterprises in China" were released. With remarkable strength in innovation and breakthroughs in R&D, Genuine Biotech once again ranked among the "Top 30 Innovative Small-Molecule Pharmaceutical Enterprises in China".

In this selection, the organizer organized an expert committee that conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the innovative pharmaceutical enterprises by taking the "Evaluation Indicator System of Enterprise Innovation" of the Ministry of Science and Technology as the theoretical basis, classifying the innovation evaluation indicators into 4 dimensions of "innovation input", "innovation achievement", "intellectual property", and "innovation-driven" as well as 11 indicators based on the characteristics of the biomedical industry, and integrating the annual reports of such enterprises, CDE review data, and statistics of data from third-party patent statistical agencies and public data.

Genuine Biotech celebrated its tenth birthday in 2022. In this new era of national prosperity and rejuvenation, the youthful Genuine Biotech welcomed breakthrough results and entered a new stage of development.In Jul. 2022, Azvudine, a core product of Genuine Biotech, was approved with conditions by the NMPA for the treatment of COVID-19, which is a milestone as this is the first domestically-made small-molecule oral drug approved for the said purpose. At present, Azvudine has cured more than ten million patients infected with COVID-19, being proven secure and effective, and continue to provide strong support for the scientific prevention and control of the pandemic and the safeguard for people’s health. In Feb. 2023, Azvudine was approved for marketing by the Ministry of Health of Russia (registration certificate no.: ЛП-008750) and officially became a drug for the treatment of COVID-19 in Russia, which indicates that Azvudine has successfully gone abroad and will provide China's solutions to the world to consistently protect the health of global people.

In addition, the clinical trial application for CL-197, a next-generation oral long-acting HIV drug candidate independently developed by Genuine Biotech, was formally approved by the Center for Drug Evaluation of the NMPA in Oct. 2022. The combination of CL-197 and Azvudine meets the requirements of HIV cocktail therapy, which is equivalent to having three drugs with different mechanisms of action acting simultaneously. The cocktail treatment can effectively prevent the occurrence of drug resistance and is expected to be developed into the first fully oral long-acting anti-HIV drug in the world.

In 2022, a number of invention patents declared by Genuine Biotech were accepted by the China National Intellectual Property Administration, marking the further strengthening of the protection of the company's intellectual property. Among them, the domestic invention patent of oral drug for COVID-19 was granted on Oct. 14. Patents are the cornerstone of business development and the embodiment of the results achieved by innovative exploration. Since its establishment, Genuine Biotech has obtained more than 40 invention patents in China and overseas and has progressively established a scientific patent layout and intellectual property protection system.

We are now in an era of unprecedentedly intensive and active technological innovation and accelerated industrial upgrading, and the landscape of global innovation and the global economic structure are being reshaped by the scientific revolution and industrial transformation. Innovation is the force that drives the high-quality development of the pharmaceutical industry. Looking ahead, Genuine Biotech will continue to take innovation and R&D as the driving force, recruit professionals around the world, give full play to its strengths in the field of biomedicine, dedicate more effort to the core technology research, accelerate drug R&D, and accelerate its growth into a globally competitive biopharmaceutical company that brings hope to the health and well-being of human beings and makes the world a better and more vibrant place!