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Good News | Azvudine was Awarded the BEYOND Awards Life Science Innovation Award


On May 12, the high-profile BEYOND Awards 2023 ceremony was held in Macao. After comprehensive consideration of multiple dimensions such as technical level, commercial value, and innovation value by the expert panel, the COVID-19 Oral Drug Azvudine won the BEYOND Awards Life Science Innovation Award.

BEYOND Awards is a special award of the BEYOND International Technology Expo with an aim to discover and encourage innovative companies and products of the year having breakthrough technologies and industry-leading solutions. The Expo is sponsored by Macao Technology General Association and jointly organized by the Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, Bureau of Planning and Development of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, the Center for International Economic and Technical Cooperation Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

As the first approved Chinese oral drug for COVID-19, Azvudine has been included in the Diagnosis and Treatment Guideline for COVID-19 (9th Edition) and the Diagnosis and Treatment Guideline for COVID-19 (Tentative 10th Edition), and officially included in the catalog of medicines covered by national medical insurance system. In Jan. 2023, 34 experts in infection, respiration, critical care, and pharmacy were convened by the National Center for Infectious Diseases to publish the Expert Consensus on Antiviral Treatment for COVID Patients, and Azvudine was highly recognized by them. At present, Azvudine has cured more than ten million patients infected with COVID-19, being proved secure and effective, and continue to provide strong support for the scientific prevention and control of the pandemic and safeguard the health of the people. In Feb. 2023, Azvudine was approved for marketing by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (registration certificate no.: ЛП-008750) and officially became a drug for the treatment of COVID-19 in Russia, which indicates that Azvudine has successfully gone abroad and will provide China’s solutions to the whole world to consistently protect global people’s health.

This award highly recognizes the originality and social value of Azvudine and affirms the capacity of Genuine Biotech for innovation, which will further inspire the company to step up its efforts in innovation. Over the past 11 years, Genuine Biotech has insisted on innovation-driven development, and has been committed to improving people's health through genuine pharmaceutical innovation. By focusing on the R&D of innovative drugs in the fields of viral diseases, tumors, and cerebrovascular diseases, the company has various best-in-class and first-in-class candidates. In the future, Genuine Biotech will be based in China, orientate the world, recruit global talents, strive to address unmet clinical needs with novel and better treatment options, and become a globally competitive biopharmaceutical company.