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Good News | Genuine Biotech Honored with "Top 10 Innovative Biotech Companies of the Year" by China Times


Recently, China Times announced the prestigious list of 2023 Golden Cane Award winners in Beijing. Genuine Biotech, by virtue of its outstanding innovation capacity and pioneering R&D achievements, received the prize of "Top 10 Innovative Biotech Companies of the Year".

The Golden Cane Award, initiated by the national comprehensive mainstream media "China Times", is conferred upon the most powerful enterprises, brands, and products in the medical and healthcare sector on an annual basis. Since July of this year, an array of enterprises across multiple domains, covering medical services (hospitals), pharmaceuticals and medical devices, health foods, health supplements, health management, and elderly care, have applied for this award. Following several rounds of selection and ranking by renowned media professionals and academic scholars, the award committee has announced the definitive roster of honorees.

As a biotech enterprise driven by R&D, Genuine Biotech tailors its strategies to regional strengths, establishing specialized R&D platforms in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Pingdingshan, each with a clear focus and well-defined role. The Shanghai R&D subsidiary specializes in the differentiated design and research of novel target drugs and best-in-class drugs. The Shenzhen R&D subsidiary is dedicated to the research and development of world-leading macromolecular biologics and small-molecule drugs, covering the entire drug development process, including target discovery, compound screening, and compound optimization. The Pingdingshan Research Institute (Henan Modern Pharmaceutical Industry Research Institute) focuses on the small-scale experiment, pilot-scale experiment, and industrial research of the company's innovative drugs.

More than a decade to accumulate richly and break forth vastly, Genuine Biotech has continued enhancing R&D's capability and forged a product pipeline distinguished by potent competitive advantages and substantial clinical value. When compared across the industry, Genuine Biotech stands out with a more extensive product pipeline than other biotech peers competing in the same arena. Our comany focuses efforts on the discovery and development of first-in-class or best-in-class drugs for the treatment of viral infections, tumors, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disorders. From a longitudinal perspective, Genuine Biotech's drug development efforts are leading the pack, with several products being the best-in-class or even globally leading, particularly in the realm of antiviral R&D. Azvudine, the first approved oral COVID-19 treatment in China, has successfully cured over ten million patients, affirming its safety and efficacy through rigorous real-world challenges and continue contributing significantly to the strategic pandemic response and public health protection in China. In February of this year, Azvudine received marketing approval from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation (registration certificate number: ЛП-008750), officially becoming a medication for the treatment of COVID-19 in Russia. This milestone signifies Azvudine's successful entry into international markets and represents China's contribution to the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. It will undoubtedly continue contributing China's strength to protecting the health of patients worldwide.

We are now in an era of unprecedentedly intensive and active technological innovation and accelerated industrial upgrading, and the landscape of global innovation and the global economic structure are being reshaped by the scientific revolution and industrial transformation. Innovation is the force that drives the high-quality development of the pharmaceutical industry. Looking ahead, Genuine Biotech will continue to take innovation and R&D as the driving force, recruit professionals around the world, give full play to its strengths in the field of biomedicine, dedicate more effort to the core technology research, accelerate drug R&D, and accelerate its growth into a globally competitive biopharmaceutical company that brings hope to the health and well-being of human beings and makes the world a better and more vibrant place!