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Attention! Genuine Biotech Appoints Dr. James He as Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer


On Sep. 19, 2023, Genuine Biotech announced the appointment of Dr. James He as Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer (CMO). Dr. He will lead the clinical and registration team, and assume the responsibility for the product pipeline strategy, clinical project planning and operations, product registration and team construction.

With over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. James He has dedicated himself to medical and clinical development, including planning and implementation of clinical development as well as registration and launching of products. He is familiar with the registration environments in China, the United States, and the European Union and has led and participated in the development and launching of multiple globally significant products. He joined Pfizer (United States) in 1999, thereby officially entering the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to joining Genuine Biotech, Dr. James He held senior executive positions and led clinical teams at several global pharmaceutical companies, including R&D General Manager and CMO of GlaxoSmithKline China, Vice President and CMO of Novartis China, R&D General Manager of Amgen (Asia Pacific region), Senior Vice President and CMO of HUTCHMED, and Executive Director and CMO of ETERN. In addition, he has taken essential roles in Boehringer Ingelheim and Eddingpharm.

Dr. James He is renowned in the industry for his profound expertise and rich experience and has been highly recognized and praised by peers. He serves as a member of the Professional Committee of Disease Prevention and Control of Chinese Preventive Medicine Association and was a member of the R&D Executive Committee and Vice Chairman of Medical Affairs of RDPAC, the R&D-based Pharmaceutical Association Committee of China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment.

Dr. Jinfa Du, Chairman and CEO of Genuine Biotech, said: "We are delighted to welcome Dr. James He to join Genuine Biotech. He possesses a global perspective and outlook, comprehensive knowledge, extensive practical experience in clinical medicine, and particularly, a wealth of experience and outstanding leadership in drug development, clinical research, and product registration. Currently, a growing number of innovative drug projects of Genuine Biotech have proceeded to clinical trials, and the role of CMO has become increasingly prominent. His joining will further bolster the overall strength of the R&D team, reinforce strategic planning, and accelerate the global expansion of the company. We expect that under his leadership, the team will further improve the clinical development capacity and efficiency and more efficiently drive the clinical research and registration of innovative drugs, and more high-value innovative drugs from Genuine Biotech will come out to bring hope to the health and well-being of human beings."

Dr. James He said: "The commitment of Genuine Biotech is to improve human health through genuine pharmaceutical innovations and to become a globally competitive biopharmaceutical company. I am truly inspired by this sense of purpose and mission. Genuine Biotech takes pride in its first-class drug R&D team and innovative product pipelines with complete competitive advantages. I have full confidence in the future development of the company. I am pleased to join the company at this crucial stage in its development and look forward to leveraging my expertise and experience in this new journey. I will work closely with the team to rapidly expedite the clinical application of high-quality drugs and address unmet clinical needs by providing superior and safer innovative treatment options."